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Tamil Actor Thalapathy Vijay Ventures into Politics, Unveils ‘Tamilaga Vettri Kazhagam’

By News2Know Staff

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Tamil actor Vijay, popularly known as Thalapathy Vijay, declared his foray into politics on February 2, in anticipation of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2024. The actor unveiled his political party, naming it ‘Tamilaga Vettri Kazhagam.’

Making a formal announcement, Vijay clarified that his newly established party would not be participating in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and affirmed that it would not extend support to any other political party. This decision, he mentioned, was reached during the General and Executive Council Meeting.

In a statement issued, Vijay stated, “We are not going to contest the 2024 elections, and we are not going to support any party. We have made this decision during the General and Executive Council Meeting.”

The announcement marks a significant step in the actor’s journey as he steps onto the political stage in Tamil Nadu. The party’s name, ‘Tamilaga Vetri Kazhagam,’ reflects a commitment to the welfare and progress of the state. Thalapathy Vijay’s entry into politics has been eagerly awaited by his fans and political observers alike.

As the Lok Sabha elections draw closer, the political landscape in Tamil Nadu is expected to witness increased dynamism with the presence of the renowned actor in the arena. The decision not to participate in the upcoming elections and refrain from supporting other parties sets a distinct tone for Tamilaga Vetri Kazhagam, emphasizing a focused approach and independent political standing. The actor’s move adds a new dimension to the evolving political scenario in the state.


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