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Valentine’s Week Full List 2024: Rose Day to Kiss Day, Check Out Full List of Valentine Week 2024

By News2Know Staff

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The four-letter word, love, holds such power that it can unite the divided world into one entity. It has the ability to transform someone’s entire personality, turning “me” into “you,” meaning embracing the essence of another individual. Love is that force which knows no boundaries, neither does it succumb to the barriers of religion. It emerges victorious amidst all challenges. The month of love, the week of affection, has arrived.

Starting from February 7th, the Valentine week begins. It lasts for 7 days. The first day is Rose Day. Then comes Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day. Finally, Valentine’s Day arrives. These 7 days are celebrated by lovers according to the significance of each day.

We are here to share the complete list of Valentine’s week 2024 with you.

  1. February 7th – Rose Day (Rose Day 2024)
  2. The first day of Valentine’s, Rose Day, allows you to express your immense love by gifting red roses, considered a symbol of love.

  3. February 8th – Propose Day (Propose Day 2024)
  4. The second day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as Propose Day. All lovers eagerly await this day. It’s considered the best day to confess your love. If you have deep affection for someone, this is the day to express it.

  5. February 9th – Chocolate Day (Chocolate Day 2024)
  6. The third day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as Chocolate Day. On this day, couples can make it special by gifting each other special chocolates, chocolate bouquets, or chocolate baskets.

  7. February 10th – Teddy Day (Teddy Day 2024)
  8. Women adore teddy bears. As soon as Valentine’s week begins, various kinds of teddy bears flood the market. On the fourth day of Valentine’s week, you can make your friend or someone special feel cherished by gifting a teddy bear.

  9. February 11th – Promise Day (Promise Day 2024)
  10. Any relationship can thrive only when the promises made are kept. The fifth day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as Promise Day. On this day, lovers promise each other a lifetime of love and companionship. You can also make a promise to your partner and make this day special for them.

  11. February 12th – Hug Day (Hug Day 2024)
  12. Hugging demonstrates love in a relationship. Several research studies have also shown that hugging is beneficial for health. On the sixth day of Valentine’s week, Hug Day is celebrated. On this day, lovers embrace each other to express their love.

  13. February 13th – Kiss Day (Kiss Day 2024)
  14. The seventh day, Kiss Day, is celebrated by kissing your partner’s hands or forehead to express that your life belongs to them. This gesture will make your spouse or partner feel special.

  15. February 14th – Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day 2024)
  16. The last day of Valentine’s week, Valentine’s Day, is celebrated on February 14th. This day holds special significance for couples. On this day, couples spend quality time together, plan surprises, or go out on a date. People also exchange gifts to express their love and make efforts to make each other feel special. It’s a day dedicated to showing how much your partner means to you.


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