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Hindu Temple Vandalized with anti-India, Pro-Khalistani Graffiti in California

By News2Know Staff

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A distressing trend continues in California as a Hindu temple, the Sherawali Temple in Hayward, fell victim to vandalism, marked with pro-Khalistani graffiti. This incident follows a similar attack on the Swaminarayan Mandir just weeks earlier, intensifying concerns within the Hindu American community.

The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) reported the desecration, highlighting the unsettling recurrence of such incidents. The Sherawali Temple’s defacement occurred merely two weeks after the Swaminarayan Mandir in the same area was targeted with anti-India graffiti. The HAF shared images of the vandalization on social media, emphasizing the urgent need for heightened security measures.

“The Vijay’s Sherawali Temple in Hayward, CA sustained a copycat defacement just two weeks after the Swaminarayan Mandir attack and one week after a theft at the Shiv Durga temple in the same area.” The organization said in X post.

Expressing concern over the escalating threat, the HAF informed that they are actively engaged with temple leaders and law enforcement regarding the distressing occurrence.

This isn’t the first time such acts have plagued the region. Last year on December 23, a Hindu temple in Newark, California, experienced a similar onslaught when pro-Khalistan activists defaced the Swaminarayan temple with anti-India slogans. The hateful graffiti, including messages against India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, sparked outrage within the community.

External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar condemned the vandalism, denouncing the actions of extremists and separatists. He asserted that such forces should not be provided with a platform to propagate their ideologies. The Indian Consulate swiftly intervened, lodging complaints with the authorities and initiating inquiries into the matter.

Amid the escalating concerns, the HAF urged Hindu temples to bolster security measures by installing surveillance cameras and alarm systems, citing the mounting threats posed by pro-Khalistan groups and the persistent risk from anti-Hindu elements.

The recurring incidents of temple vandalism have sparked widespread dismay and prompted calls for increased vigilance and swift action to safeguard religious institutions and uphold communal harmony within the region.


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